G1 Group – who we are

G1 Group – who we are

G1 – Founded in 1937 under the name “HaShmira”; in 2002, the group was acquired by the international security corporation G4S; and in 2017, the group and all of its operations were acquired by the private venture firm FIMI

The Group preserves a tradition of excellence and has an impressive history in the Safety and security industry in Israel.

G1 - who we are since 1931 till today

G1 – What We Do

G1’s experts provide comprehensive and complete solutions for multi-system and complex projects of various types, from planning and provision to installation and servicing.

G1 operates throughout Israel and provides human security and electronic security services, as well as low voltage systems, using some of the most advanced security and safety technologies worldwide.


Synergy Creates Harmony – Harmony Creates Success

Each project is comprised of hundreds and thousands of entities working in sync. A unique mechanism combining humans and technology, as finely tuned and precise as a symphonic orchestra. It is the only way to success. We have the know how –  creating perfect synergy between humans and technology.

Harmonious coordination, knowledge sharing, effective communications and shared commitment – these are the advantages which make G1 one of the world’s leading groups in execution and delivery.

Four Divisions – One Force

Each of G1’s four divisions is an expert in its own field, and all four work together as a single entity. Field employees, division managers and all ranks in between are working together, bringing you success. G1’s unique structure provides you, the group’s customer, rapid and perfect execution of complex projects requiring detailed planning, dedicated support and effective human service, as well as providing support for more basic projects.

G1 Security

Our security division employees are on the front line. We choose our security personnel carefully so that they work for you in the organization in a position of trust for all intents and purposes and we consider them one of our most important assets.

G1 Monitoring

Our monitoring group leads the field into the future and creates a world of sophisticated solutions that combine advanced technologies with the capabilities of an elite cruiser, with the most advanced detection and reporting capabilities in the world.

G1 Technologies

Our technology division stands at the forefront of development and we have performance capabilities and advanced engineering solutions from the planning, supply and installation stage to maintenance and service.

G1 Hotelo

G1 Hotelo offers a variety of complete solutions for any public building, from planning and provisioning, through installation and maintenance, to low voltage management tools and monitoring systems.

In addition to the extensive activity of the four divisions, the G1 Group also responsible of the operation of all the advanced safety and security systems deployed in the Policity – the National Police College of Israel Police, through the engineering team that designed, installed and operates multimedia systems, security and safety systems, Rooms and more.

This is a winning formula – bringing together advanced technologies and human excellence – creating performance at the highest level.