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    About G1 Group

    G1 – Founded in 1937 under the name “HaShmira”; in 2002, the group was acquired by the international security corporation G4S; and in 2017, the group and all of its operations were acquired by the private venture firm FIMI.

    The Group preserves a tradition of excellence and has an impressive history in the Safety and security industry in Israel.

    G1 - who we are since 1931 till today



    Design, installation and service of advanced technological systems for security, control and safety such as fire detection, CCTV, access control and more.


    Advanced security solutions by a professional skilled team that is carefully chosen to fill a trust position in your organization.


    An innovative spatial defense concept and a whole world of sophisticated solutions that combine advanced technologies with the capabilities of an elite cruiser.


    Design, supply, installation and maintenance of low voltage control systems for public buildings and for the specific needs of hotels.
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